Guest Blogging

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a common practice among bloggers.  You get your name, website, and other information out on the Internet.  I get posts and more traffic.  It’s mutually beneficial.  To find out more about Guest Blogging and how to set up your blog to do it, read this excellent article.

Be a Guest Blogger

If you want to post something about Steampunk, you are most welcome here.  The world is a very big place full of Steampunk enthusiasts, and I am only one person.  Please feel free to post something for the Steampunk community.  Post as much as you like, and if you wish to post often I will upgrade your account to “Author.”  I have provided these simple instructions to help you:

First, you need to register.  If you look at the right column and scroll down, you’ll see a “register” link under “Omega7Red Meta Functions”.  Click that link and follow the instructions.

Under your profile, please fill in your “Website” (if you have one) and “Biographical Info”.

The default role for a new user is “Subscriber”.  Before you can create a post, your account needs to be changed to “Contributor”.  Once your account is created, I’ll contact you.  I will then update your account to Contributor (usually the same day). If you experience any difficulty, I am more than happy to provide whatever help I can.

Guest Post Rules

Before you start writing the article, please read the posting rules below so your submitted guest post will be published :

Unique posts are not required, however, if you are going to post material from another blog or site then please give credit to the source.  You can look at some of the posts on Omega7Red to see the style of how this is done.

The recommended minimum length of the guest post is 400 words, but it is not required. There is no upper limit for the length.

You may use a reasonable amount of links in the guest post.  However, it is forbidden to use affiliate or paid links.

You may put 2 links in your bio area; your website will be linked automatically and does not count.  It is also forbidden to use affiliate and paid links in your bio.

Pictures are recommended for most posts.  Any pictures used must not be more the 450-pixels wide.  The recommended with is 450-pixels, but you can use smaller pictures if needed.

As a courtesy, your post will be brutally checked by me for spelling and grammar and corrected as necessary.

Omega7Red has a large almost non-existent following.  Thank you for your contribution.  Good Hunting…!

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