Steam Engine Turn-Table

Posted in Art, SteamPunk, Technology on January 14th, 2011 by Dr. Warthan
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It’s a steam-driven turn-table.  I wonder how good it is.  You see, I have an audiophile speaker business and I’m always into the high-end stuff.  I’d like to hook it up to my tube-amp and my Brodmann Acoustics Vienna Classic VC7 speakers ($26,000/pair).

Built by a New Zealand based steampunk artist called Asciimation, the turntable features a a small steam engine he built from spare bits he had in his garage, The platter speed is controlled by a servo which uses a coil to read six magnets under the platter, with everything controlled by an Anduino processor.

Somebody buy it for me and I’ll hook it up to my stuff and let you know.


Future Retro Car

Posted in SteamPunk, Technology on January 14th, 2011 by Dr. Warthan
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Available in March 2011 for a mere $76,000, the Miluira electric car is your modern Green solution for all your 19th century automotive needs.  Capable of holding one 1-person and reaching speeds of an incredible 37MPH, you’ll be the envy of every Steampunker within its 21-mile range.

Actually, this car might even be a practical solution for local commuting.  The price tag is a bit steep for me but might be worth it to those with the bread to spread.  As for its top speed:  If you’re important enough, people will wait for you.