I… Live… Again…

They tried to kill me. They blew up the entire friggin planet on March 14, 2015, at 9:26:53am, just like me and Einstein predicted they would. And then, we all forgot, just like in that Doctor Who episode. It took me nearly seven years to get myself back online. So why don’t any of you remember it? Simulation Theory. That’s right. The Earth wasn’t real, to begin with. Well, not this Earth. There is that Earth that this Earth is in, but we’re not in that Earth, we’re in this Earth. Anyways, doesn’t matter, because I’m too awesome to kill. Planet exploded, got rebuilt as they do in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and here we are all living out our coppertop lives in whatever Matrix this is.

Why me and not you? I took the Steampunk Formulae that I created, “Omega7Red,” apparently similar to the red pill and it protected me from the changes in the data stream. You should have taken it too, but you didn’t, and now here we are. Even though you can’t recall, I’ll tell you one thing I learned: survival is revenge…

Where do we go from here? I’ve reactivated my Steampunk blog. The domain name omega7red.com is parked somewhere and the thieves want over $3,000 for it. Go eat a [expletive deleted] you bastards! I got the domain name back for next to nothing. That’s right, once the brokers realized it was completely worthless, they gave it up without a fight. Anyways, I may post something from time to time. It might be Steampunk, or something else cool. I mean, it’s always cool, just not always Steampunk.

Other technical issues are age-related. Back in the day, I used Flash, Shockwave, and such. Now, that tech is dead. Further, many of the websites I linked to are also dead. Also, YouTube has gotten greedy and won’t allow thumbnails for some videos, but they will play. So, there are holes, but just a few. You probably won’t even notice.

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