Art with Attention to Detail

The robot is interesting, and I like the train.  The double boiler implies a double fire-box, and the catwalk on the side is a nice touch.  But a steam locomotive requires fuel and water, always pulled right behind the engine; I don’t see that here.  It must be somewhere.  While nobody is going to question the giant robot, I think most SteamPunk fans have a good idea how a steam train works.  Attention to detail is important to me.  The community demands to know where the fuel and water is!

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4 Responses to “Art with Attention to Detail”

  1. Gresley says:

    Have you ever heard of a tank engine? Their water is carried in tanks somewhere on the locomotive and the fuel carried in some sort of bunker on the loco’s rear. In this case, the water and fuel are carried on the rear of the locomotives, it is clearly seen on both trains, just before the first passenger cars and behind the cabs.

  2. Trainboy says:

    Its true you know this is a beautiful loco and there is a tender look, yeah its stubby but its also freeing tall is actually very correct and would actually work if applied in real life, i want this painting and i will model the engine…..

  3. Higgins says:

    This is fantastic work. Especially with the use of the double decker passenger cars, and the gothic style shed.

  4. L.J.S says:

    The train is cool, if it was real just amanjine what all steam trains would have been like.

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