Art with Imagination: Win

Now here’s how you do SteamPunk art, with imagination.  The technology is really at the edge of the story, and the story centers on the woman.  Looks like a space where a person really lives.  The attention to detail, all the little objects, and nick-nacks; it’s very well done.  This is a win.


She is trapped and hidden from the world. In this cozy, but gloomy room she has spend myriads of minutes that have turned out in one moment into single continuous thin cord. The only bond with the reality is that magic mirror on the wall. It shows her in some strange perspective everything that happens beyond this prison.

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3 Responses to “Art with Imagination: Win”

  1. Steam Rose says:

    This looks like a fairytale I know, but I can’t think of the name of it. Do you know if it is from a specific story?

  2. Steam Rose says:

    The story I know is this. There was a girl trapped in a tower. She had a curse on her that she could not look East; if she looked East, she would die. She had a window that looked out East and a mirror that was placed opposite the window so she could look out via the mirror. She saw a handsome prince walking by. She got out of the tower and set out to find him. She was looked at the sunrise and died.

    I am missing some details, but that is the base of the story.

  3. pry4mojo says:

    The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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