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Our favorite Steampunk Tease Kato seems to have something fun planned for our entertainment.  I wish I knew exactly what SteamGirl was, but from what I can see it involves rocket packs, ray guns, and strong Steampunk overtones.

I’ve got a little more to show you…

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Goggles the Cat

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Awl…  It’s so CUTE!  Now Fluffy can be a more effective fur-coat-razorblade with this adorable set of SteamPunk goggles, as the goggles are excellent protection against human blood splatter. Important Safety Tip: A cat is a miniature tiger that lives inside your house.

I don’t know who the cat is, and I’m not sure this cat is particularly happy about humans dressing it up.  I do know that if you feed the cat a Cheezburger, it’ll be content with whatever pink tutu you put on it.

Who is Doctor Steel?

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Allow me to introduce you to Doctor Phineas Waldolf Steel.  On the surface, Doctor Steel appears to be a humble mad scientist bent on world domination.  However, upon scratching that surface, what lies underneath reveals his true genius.  Though sufficiently and somewhat clinically described in Wikipedia and other media sources, the only way to truly understand Doctor Steel is to let him speak for himself, and you really should listen to him.

I’m in…  However, despite my clear and obvious motivations, I would like to continue discussing what makes Doctor Steel such an interesting individual.

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Velvet Mechanism

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Finally, a good SteamPunk jewelry store (and I have been looking).  Check out Velvet Mechanism, they’ve got corsets, goggles, bracelets, cuff links, earrings, hair stuff, necklaces, pins, medals, rings, and a few other things.  It’s all very reasonably priced.

SteamCon II

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The SteamCon II SteamPunk Convention is scheduled for November 19th – 21st, 2010.  They’ve just announced a new website (much of it still under development), which is very nicely done.

The 1st SteamCon was a huge success.  I had sent Omega7Red’s own infamous Captain Jamison Dao of the HRMAS Prometheus to the SteamCon event.  However, he failed to report back.  Apparently, he was killed in a duel, most violently.  (hit the more to read on)

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Gear Ring for your Finger

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Usually, I look at most SteamPunk jewelry, and I think “Meh…”  There’s some pretty creative stuff out there, but usually not something you would wear to work.  However, this ring is fairly well done, and worthy of attention.

It’s also functional.  You can create your own nervous habit of spinning the counter-rotating rings on your finger.  Or, if you’re like me, you can give them “the finger” with style.

 The Gear Ring from Kinekt has functional gears in the middle that allow the bezel to rotate. And that’s pretty much it. No lasers or anything. They’re available in US sizes 9-12 for $165, and may need to be oiled from time to time. Not unlike the Tin Man! Who, fun fact: is not a robot. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still crush his ass on my face like an empty beer can, he just isn’t a robot. No laughing, Lion, you’re next.

Via Geekologie

Remember that Girl I told you about?

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Let’s see if this is her:

Tattoo’s, check…
Guns, probably…
Shoots Whiskey, Oh yeah…

It’s a little atypical for SteamPunk fashion, but I really appreciate the imagination and creativity that went into this look. If I were a Sky Pirate, I’d check my guns.

Leia – All Hot and Victorian.

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Jeff Miller entered this into a design contest, and apparently did nothing else with it (what a waste of talent).  It’s an absolutely beautiful and well-thought-out rendering of our dear Princess Leia.  However, the magazine cover is fake.  I looked up the issue and that’s not it; but, Leia wasn’t really SteamPunk either, so I’ll forgive the fakery.  Are those “plans to the Death Star” a euphemism?

Princess Leia in Steampunk