VTR Controller

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Some bored engineer at HiTechSys has converted one of their high-end VTR controllers into a completely operational Victorian-styled device.  Probably because it was NTSC which was replaced by ATSC a.k.a. HDTV, now 4K soon to be 8K. STOP THE MADNESS. All I want is to be able to watch the VHS pre-enhanced Star Wars on my SD 13-inch analog TV.  They gave the guy who did it an award and then showcased it at the NAB trade show.

Not bad.  Really pretty good, and I even like the telegraph.  But green phosphor CRT’s instead of LCD’s would have impressed me more.  And vacuum tubes instead of integrated circuits would have really impressed me.


Professor X Wheelchair and Bar (1875)

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No matter how fun your next SteamPunk event is, chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of standing.  Daniel Valdez has the right idea.  He can sit down, pour himself drinks, and move about freely.  He’s not just wearing his technology, he’s making it work for him.

The Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair by Daniel Valdez was made from a Victorian rocker from 1875, a Permobil C300 powered wheelchair, some pistons from a steelworks, an Arduino-based audio kit, and a drinks dispenser. You know, for the vodka and cranberry juice.

Via: Geekologie

Not to mention it’s a beautiful and creative piece of work.  Seriously, I want one.

Gear Ring for your Finger

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Usually, I look at most SteamPunk jewelry, and I think “Meh…”  There’s some pretty creative stuff out there, but usually not something you would wear to work.  However, this ring is fairly well done, and worthy of attention.

It’s also functional.  You can create your own nervous habit of spinning the counter-rotating rings on your finger.  Or, if you’re like me, you can give them “the finger” with style.

 The Gear Ring from Kinekt has functional gears in the middle that allow the bezel to rotate. And that’s pretty much it. No lasers or anything. They’re available in US sizes 9-12 for $165, and may need to be oiled from time to time. Not unlike the Tin Man! Who, fun fact: is not a robot. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still crush his ass on my face like an empty beer can, he just isn’t a robot. No laughing, Lion, you’re next.

Via Geekologie

Exclusive: Vintage Radio Shack

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Having been exiled to California for the last 4 years, I returned home to Arizona and was quite surprised to find a significant change to my local friendly neighborhood Radio Shack.  This one is a Vintage Radio Shack.

Not just the usual collection of soldering tools, batteries, and home electronics; this one features a wide and varied array of restored and reconditioned vintage electronics.  The owner has a serious hobby and is constantly working to bring yesterday’s glory back to life.

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A Worthy MP3 Player

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Finally, something I would actually buy.  Much as I love MP3 players, they’re all too damn tiny.  These MintCube MP3 players are only 2-in x 2-in x 2in; small enough to be portable, but big enough to use on my desk.  The VU meter is cool, as long as it’s actually a real dBm meter.


AtomicPunk PC Concept

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I’m not sure it’s real, but it’s a cool concept.  The design is based on a 1954 TV, and some other old-fashioned elements.  I’m just glad it runs Windows 7.

Via: Yanko


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Oh, man.  Super nice models of the Nautilus (Disney version) from the Nautilus Drydocks (go there for more pictures).  I’m looking at the 66-inch model, and there’s exceptional attention to detail.  You could almost shoot with this as the hero model.  Even the wheelhouse is fully detailed.

They even have additional options to convert it to a Radio Controlled sub that can go into the water.  But you’ll never catch me putting such a toy into the drink.  Knowing my luck, somebody with a model HMS Warrior would come along and sink my sub.

Valve Amp for the Audiophile

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There’s a lot of buzz on the popular, tech blogs about the new T-2 amplifier from Neuhaus Labs.  It’s built on vacuum tubes and hand-wound transformers.  I’ve got about 14 years [at the time of writing this post] in the Pro Audio and Video manufacturing industries, so naturally, I was very curious to look at the T-2.  Short answer:  It’s a WIN!  Here’s my opinion.

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Nixie Clock with GPS Accuracy

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This is just plain cool no matter who you are.  I love Nixie tubes.

Nixie Clock

There’s no shortage of retro clocks using those gorgeous nixie tubes, but this one’s different. It mixes the 60s-era Eastern European IN-14 time-telling tubes with a serial GPS receiver that keeps its accuracy rock-solid. In addition to that modern wizardry, it also incorporates clever tube-saving features, such as programmable on-and-off times, along with a routine that displays a scrolling date across the tubes to prevent burn-in.

From dvice.com

New Full Trailer for 9

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A more in-depth look at the upcoming must-see movie.

When did YouTube become such jerks about allowing thumbnails?

If 9 is unfamiliar to you, check my original post.