Professor X Wheelchair and Bar (1875)

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No matter how fun your next SteamPunk event is, chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of standing.  Daniel Valdez has the right idea.  He can sit down, pour himself drinks, and move about freely.  He’s not just wearing his technology, he’s making it work for him.

The Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair by Daniel Valdez was made from a Victorian rocker from 1875, a Permobil C300 powered wheelchair, some pistons from a steelworks, an Arduino-based audio kit, and a drinks dispenser. You know, for the vodka and cranberry juice.

Via: Geekologie

Not to mention it’s a beautiful and creative piece of work.  Seriously, I want one.

Want to Blog SteamPunk?

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I’m open to allowing someone “special” to blog with me.  And by “special”, I don’t mean that you’re the Marine who rode the short-tank

  • Spend thousands of man-hours tearing your hair out looking for SteamPunk or other cool material to blog about.
  • Enjoy vast disappointment as you realize you can’t make squat with Google AdSense.
  • One-Up that Dr. Warthan idiot genius by showing us your superior intellect.
  • Impress people of any gender or non-gender identity and get laid and/or respect.
  • Freely use foul language, such as [expletive deleted] and [expletive deleted].
  • Get even with that Geekologie bastard writer who didn’t want you on his team.
  • Freely express yourself (freedom of expression subject to censorship).
  • Get a BS title, such as Doctor, Professor, Mistress, or whatever toats your goat.
  • Have a real hobby that contributes to the community so that you can finally stop playing World of Warcraft.

Since I mentioned AdSense.  The bone I will throw is this:  As the blogger, you can put your own ads into your own posts you can swallow sadness and work for no incentive; and as an added bonus, I’ll throw in an ad box for you on the side-barI already have a thing in that works with AdSense for multiple contributors, and I can accommodate other stuff as well.

Interested?  Figure out how to send a message to me, because that’s the entry exam…