SteamCon II

The SteamCon II SteamPunk Convention is scheduled for November 19th – 21st, 2010.  They’ve just announced a new website (much of it still under development), which is very nicely done.

The 1st SteamCon was a huge success.  I had sent Omega7Red’s own infamous Captain Jamison Dao of the HRMAS Prometheus to the SteamCon event.  However, he failed to report back.  Apparently, he was killed in a duel, most violently.  (hit the more to read on)

Captain Jamison Dao, being the adventurer, scoundrel, pre-emptive salvage operator, purveyor of fine goods and worldly wonders, that he was; well, he was given to drink.  The man simply could not handle the combination of Brandy, Cigars, and fine Women.  I received numerous reports that a man matching Dao’s description was seen at the SteamCon.  This person was clearly intoxicated to the point of barely being able to walk without the aid of his servants, bragging how he single-handedly won the Tunisian War and putting his hands upon the ladies there about in an unsavory and sometimes unnatural fashion.

One of these ladies was indeed a former lover that he had failed to recognize.  Upon her scorn and realizing his error, he unjustly spoke ill of the woman’s aesthetic qualities and questionable breeding.  Naturally, her gentlemen came to her defense and challenged Dao to a duel.  Dao accepted and in a manner most unlike a gentleman immediately drew his sword.  His opponent, being sober and more intelligent in disposition, drew a gun and dispatched Dao.

Mind you, this was no ordinary gun.  These are after all crazy people with way too much time on their hands.  The weapon bragged of gears, valves, aether energy, and radioactive elements.  Poor Dao was not only killed, he was ripped apart at the atomic level and converted into a puff of red smoke and blue ash.  To add insult to injury, the opponent’s canine companion relieved itself upon Dao’s ashes.

I hope the reports are not true that Dao is dead.  I intend to go to SteamCon II and look for him.  Perhaps he is just on another one of his adventures and has forgotten me.

UPDATE: I located the pile of ashes alleged to be those of poor Dao. They had been discarded in a bag that also contained dog feces. Somehow, the bag made its way via a trash barge to a port in San Francisco. I suppose it was a fitting end considering his disagreeable nature. Using a combination of mass spectrology and my own ingenious methods of discovery, I was able to reason beyond all doubt that the remains in question did indeed belong to Dao. Worst of all, nobody seemed to miss him. He died years ago, and since then, no one has inquired about him. It’s as though his existence was meaningless and without worth.

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